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Early Years or Pre School

Course Outline: My Little Gym (Is Fun time Includes motor Skills, yoga, Taekwondo,
Gymnastics etc)

Level 1: Balance, Control and Coordination related to motor Skills
Level 2: Postures from Creative yoga exercises named after various birds and animals
Level 3: Full body stretching and toning making a child highly flexible & agile
Level 4: Stretch kick, Circle and front stretch
Level 5: Poomse to improve the skills of upper and lower body coordination
Level 6: Finally towards full body equilibrium called TKD


Elementary School (Grades 3.4.5, 6 & 7)

Theses exercises are based on following levels:

Level1: Getting Child Familiar with body parts class rules & Discipline
Level2: Correct Sitting and Standing Postures
Level3: Fitness based exercises
Level4: Exercises based on Flexibility
Level5: Basic Gymnastic floor moves
Level6: Improving mental skills, drills to improve eye feet coordination


Senior School (Grade 8, 9, 10 & 11)

They lack confidence, control and ability to defend themselves if God forbid they are put in a
situation looking at the need of the day Solution to this Problem is teaching them Self Defense
based on Pressure points and Skills from Aikido / Taekwondo specially designed for ladies.

1- How to break through from different chokes, blocks and locks
2- How to get out from different holds and gripping techniques
3- How to break free from Hair pulling techniques
4- Skills to disarm different attacks